• Wear your regular bra to take the measurements.

  • You will need a soft measuring tape, paper and pen.

  •  Rib Cage:  Measure around the rib cage under the breasts.

    This is your regular bra size (34,36,etc.)

    1.____ Inches

  • Cup size:  Measure around the rib cage in the back and cover the fullest part of your breasts in the front. This will give you a larger number than the rib cage measurement.

    2. ____ Inches

  • Email us measurements 1 & 2


White - Most Comfortable Bra-Comfortable Bras for Large Breasts


Styles, fabrics & Colors

((413) 259-1617

((413) 259-1617

100% Nylon/Spandex Blend-Only available in white

Fitting Tips:

  • How to put it on: Slip it overhead like a sports bra or a tee-shirt.

  • The cup is the most important fitting. The cup is created to surround the breast; over and under.  The elastic under the breast should be as close to where the breast tissue is attached to the rib cage.

  • The straps can be adjusted in 4 places.  We suggest starting at the tightest adjustment and then releasing the tension of the back straps and the shoulder straps until you feel comfortable.  The shoulder straps are meant to support the breasts and the side straps are meant to adjust the tension around the rib cage.

  • Release the shoulder straps all the way to avoid the cup ridding up in smaller cup sizes.

  • The back panel can be adjusted so that it is higher or lower between the shoulder blades.  To lower the back panel; loosen the shoulder straps and tighten the back straps. Do the opposite to raise it.

  • Adjusting to the comfort of MyComfortBra™:  For some women it may take a few days to adjust to the new feeling of MyComfortBra™.  Give it enough time to get used to it and try different strap adjustments.  Many customers have said that once they got used to it they couldn’t go back to their conventional bra.                         

Guaranteed Quality:  We guarantee the workmanship of all the products we sell.   

Exchange/Refunds:  We will exchange or refund any bras that are returned in their original condition within 10 days.  Once the bras have been worn (not just tried on) or laundered, we can adjust them but we cannot exchange or refund them.'

MyComfortBra™ for Gardening, Sleeping, Work, Seniors or for Activewear

Machine wash in cold water and hang to dry.

Most Comfortable Bra

The Original MyComfortBra™ - # 1011

90% Organic Cotton, 10% Spandex, Natural & Black


Determining Your Size


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